Florida Mantidae Diversity: A Survey of Praying Mantises in Florida

Florida Mantidae Diversity: A Survey of Praying Mantises in Florida

Family Mantoididae

  • Mantoida maya (Little Yucatan mantid): Native species known for its diminutive size.

Family Mantidae

  • Brunneria borealis (Brunner’s mantid): A native mantid identified by Scudder.
  • Litaneutria minor (Minor ground mantid): Found in Florida, identified by Scudder.
  • Gonatista grisea (Grizzled mantid): Known for its lichen-mimicking appearance.
  • Thesprotia graminis (Grass-like mantid): Resembles grass in appearance.
  • Oligonicella scudderi (Scudder’s mantid): Another species identified by Saussure.
  • Mantis religiosa (European mantid): Introduced species with restricted distribution in Florida.
  • Tenodera angustipennis (Narrow-winged mantid): Identified by Saussure.
  • Tenodera aridifolia (Chinese mantid): Largest mantid in the US, introduced by Saussure.
  • Stagmomantis floridensis (Larger Florida mantid): Endemic to Florida, found in Dunedin.
  • Stagmomantis carolina (Carolina mantid): A common native mantid.
  • Phyllovates chlorophaea: Noted in records from 1920 by Blatchley.

Prohibited/Restricted Species in Florida

  • Tenodera sinensis (Chinese mantis): Restricted due to its non-native status.
  • Hymenopus coronatus (Orchid mantis): Restricted due to its non-native status.
  • Mantis religiosa (European mantid): Prohibited if possed with the purpose to release it due to its non-native status.

For more information about restricted and prohibited species in florida follow this link to the FDACS "Guidelines for Importing Arthropods and Other Invertebrates Into Florida"



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