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Regal Jumping Spider "Cinnamon"

Regal Jumping Spider "Cinnamon"

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Introducing the enchanting Regal Jumping Spider, a petite marvel that's bound to win your heart! With its intricate markings resembling a miniature masterpiece, this tiny arachnid is nature's very own work of art. Its dainty size and endearing mannerisms make it the perfect pocket-sized companion, always ready to dazzle you with its graceful leaps and inquisitive nature. Watch as it bounces into your life with a dash of elegance, weaving silky threads of curiosity around your heart. Don't miss the chance to welcome the Regal Jumping Spider's royal charm into your world. 

If you purchase a spider that was sold as an individual we do not guarantee it will look the same as when the photo was taken, because, when they molt they change colors completely. For example a orange colored spider with purple chelicerae after molting can come out looking completely white with blue chelicerae.

We breed our spiders in very large outdoor communal enclosures. We keep the enclosures separented by bloodlines, however a mix of all ages is present, because of this we do not keep track of instars. If you would like to know the age of your spider we can provide our best professional guess. We do not guarantee you will get a spider that is not gravid.
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